Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Can You Get Custom Stoles For Your Graduation Day?

To have a really perfect graduation day, one of the things you need to do is to get the best graduation attire. Custom stoles, perfectly-fitting graduation robes, and an immaculate graduation cap make up this ensemble. The robes and the cap will most likely be provided by the university, or at least from some graduation shops that they collaborate with. Because you need to follow what the university dictates regarding graduation robe colors and cap styles, you really don’t have much to do about customizing them. Academic stoles, on the other hand, leave you more room to work with. In this article we will talk about how you can personalize your stoles for your graduation day as well as ideas on what you can do to make them look even more special.

What are custom stoles and where can you find them?

No graduation shop will ever run out of custom stoles, hoods, and cords. These are the three different ornaments worn over the graduation gown. The cord is simpler and is more commonly found in secondary graduation celebrations. The hood is considered to be the most exceptional and is often reserved for graduates of masters, law, medicine, and doctorates. The stole stands in between the cord and hood. It can be found even among primary and secondary graduates, and when customized can also hold its own for university graduating students.

How can you get custom stoles?

There are two ways you can go about this. First is to visit a graduation shop. If this shop is familiar with the academic regalia requirements of your school or university, then it is so much the better. You will be presented with samples of custom stoles and the ways you can personalize yours so that the stole will express your individuality and at the same time follow your school’s regulations.

The second step is to check out the website of a graduation shop. This way, you can see how stoles for the various universities differ from each other, and more. For example, GradShop custom stoles for masters degree will naturally look more elaborate than a stole designed for associate degrees and high school graduates.

Where can you buy custom stoles?

Most schools nowadays permit customization for their graduating students, especially for something that is already as special and decorative as a stole. A graduate of arts, for instance, may wear a different stole design than the graduating students of science, engineering, commerce, etc. And if you buy a stole, there are no limits to how you want to personalize it.

If you’re rushed by time, you can order a customized stole at And don’t worry; online business is so popular now that you will most likely get little to no trouble at all. For lower prices, you can go for bulk orders by teaming up with your fellow graduates. GradShop also offers plenty of other items that you may find very helpful for your graduation, such as diploma covers, personalized diploma frames, and even graduation robes, caps, hoods, and cords that they can create or modify according to your preferences.

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  1. I do like that you point out the need for the graduation shop to know your academic regalia requirements. After all, while it is acceptable to wear custom sashes and stoles there are rules that still have to be followed. For example, your school may let you customize as long as it stays within the confines of the schools colors and such.